First of All, I thank to almighty “GOD” by the grace of which “DADDY D PRO” passed through the up and down situations during it’s starting phase. Due to His help and Blessings, “DADDY D PRO” becomes the brand on which customers do trust.

Dear Valued Customers, It’s me “MALIK SHAHNAWAR SUHAIL SALEEM”. I must introduce myself that I am just 20 years old youngman.

I feel that I am kid by age but by business experience, My customers always use to said that your business approach is like a 30 years old matured business man. I also want confirmation by you which will be just by my business services, myself and my team (DADDY D PRO).

It will not be a justice, If i will neglect here the history of the builders of the “DADDY D PRO” from which i have inherited this business approach.

It was the year 1947 when “Mr. MALIK SUBAY KHAN” (My Great grand father) migrated from India and it was the time when our family’s financial condition was poor but he did very hard work. He was illetrate but he gives his family education and by his efforts today I am enjoying the Goodwill in such small age. I must salute to my Great Grand Father.

Than in 1965, “Mr. MALIK AHMED DIN SALIM” (My Grand Father) started the export of surgical instruments to New Zealand. It is easy to write that he “started the export” but that time was not suitable to start the export business as Pakistan was in War condition against India in 1965 and nobody was taking a risk to start the export business because of the short of funds. My grand father was also not a rich man but he did a very hard work and he was in few persons of our town, who take the risk and responsibility to put the pakistani made products into the international markets.

In 1980 when my father “Mr. Suhail Salim subay” joined the company, that was good time because my grand father had already established the production and export units and also the export volume was in millions. But I must say that my father is a true business lover. He put his family behind the business and travelled to the USA where he established a warehouse by his own efforts. Due to his efforts and hardwork today in 2011, we have our own warehouse in MIAMI (FLORIDA) situated on 10,000 sqf and manufacturing unit in pakistan situated on 100,000 sqf.

With a experience of decades and the hardwork of the four generations, “DADDY D PRO” has established his name as manufacturer of quality surgical instruments. Certified ISO-9001, ISO-13485, CE and FDA quailty system signify that the quality is important to us, as the human health is most important.

Thanks for my present “DADDY D PRO” Team, Who working with me in production and export processes and keep the company’s quality and services tradition alive..